Relax, unwind and let Time ease your tension away

Image: Muscle Release MassageMuscle Release Massage - £22.50 This deep tissue treatment for the back, neck, shoulders and calves will release tension and ease muscle aches and pains. Heat and Ice Massage - £25.00 Invigorating and refreshing massage experience. Alternating hot and cold basalt stones for an effective and unique massage of the back, neck, shoulders and legs.
Image: Decleor Men's Range Decleor Aromamassage Facial - £20.00 A blissful facial massage based on the power of essential oils to release stress and deeply replenish the skin. Decleor Deeply Energising Facial Treatment - £35.00 Starting with the Decleor diagnostic back massage followed with specially selected products to deep cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate. The results are immediately visible.
Men's Pedicure - £20.00 Includes exfoliation, foot and nail file and cuticle tidy and moisturiser, leaving your feet feeling flip flop fantastic! Perfect to restore feet and promote optimal health.   Chest wax - £14.00 Back wax - £14.95

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